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I had an awful experience at another dealership in Calgary so went out to Airdrie and it was night and day. 

I know CRV's are popular but to be treated like my business matters is very important to me. A customer should never be treated like they are just one of many and if they don't buy someone else will. 

A car is a lot of money so I felt like it was money well spent in Airdrie! 

Thanks Mike Fry for making the experience pleasant. 

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Denise P.


Usually a difficult and sometimes experience, dealing with Mike and Airdrie Honda was very refreshing. They communicated extremely well and most importantly listened.

Without prompting Mike and his sales manager nailed the trade in value. Others had to be coaxed into reaching recommended values. Airdrie Honda was precise and dispensed with playing the stupid "low ball" game. Showed class.

In the end, the honesty and hard work shown was appreciated and hence the deal was made. Instead of depreciating my trade far more than working on a satisfactory price of the new vehicle, the salesman and dealership worked both sides well.

I would highly recommend working with Mike Fry and Airdrie Honda when looking for a vehicle.

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Roger Millions


Mike was very friendly and very helpful in making sure the whole process of buying our Pilot went smoothly. Communication was excellent back and forth in regards to a couple of head rest DVD's and running boards that we ordered. He even throw in a free auto stratre on the deal which was sweet. We've been servicing our Pilot at Airdrie Honda since then and had no issues, I like the life time free oil service that we got too. Thanks Airdrie Honda and thanks Mike.

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Haidar M


I had the best experience at Airdrie Honda. My husband has been buying Honda Civics at Honda T&T for almost a couple decades. We moved to Airdrie 3 years ago and were getting both our Honda Civics services at Airdrie Honda with great satisfaction. 
In August, I became Permanent Resident of Canada and decided it was time to get a car in my name. So naturally, I went to Airdrie Honda with my husband. Shaddy was the salesman who helped me. He was great: not pushy, but still presenting all options. I told him I needed two more weeks until my permanent residency. When I came back to make the deal, Shaddy was not there, but someone called him at home and he came back after hours to help me choose my car and do all the paperwork. We then dealt with Kenny, who helped me make decisions with some protection and was a delight to deal with as well. The day I picked up my car, we were helped by Kenny and Brandon. We also were in contact with the manager of Airdrie Honda (Wayne). 
Every one who helped me getting my new car was so fantastic: not pushy, but yet helpful presenting all options. I can't recommend Airdrie Honda enough! And I love my blue Civic so much! I named her Celtic Rodeo!

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I went into Airdrie Honda considering the CRV, among other brands. What really sold me was not only the vehicle, but the customer service and friendly attitude of the salesperson I dealt with, Shaddy. Right from the beginning, Shaddy respected the fact that I had a budget, and that I had a good idea of what I wanted. Not once did I feel pressured or pushed into buying anything. He gave me space to look around and see the different models, was very knowledgeable with all the questions I had and also gave me the time I needed to think about my decision. He researched a used model for me, and drove me to another dealership where it was located for a test drive. Ultimately I ended up purchasing a brand new 2013 CRV and I have been very happy with it. I was even told I could bring it by for a wash any time! Shaddy gave me a fair and honest price and not once did I feel as though I had to "fight" for every dollar. The day I picked up my vehicle was great as well. They took me through every single feature of the vehicle, made sure I was comfortable and answered my many questions. Fabulous, amazing, unbeatable service. I honestly can't say enough good things about Shaddy and Airdrie Honda. I would recommend Airdrie Honda to anyone looking for a vehicle. I expected to have to battle with pushy salesmen and go through extensive price negotiations - but was so impressed with their sales team. Their customer service cannot be beat - friendly, honest, knowledgeable and never once pushy.

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I had gone to a different dealership before coming to Airdrie Honda, and they not only listened to what I was after, helped me choose a vehicle, but they helped me figure out payment options, took care of all the basics I was after and honestly cared, and did what they could for me. This is the first vehicle I have purchased, and I honestly do not have any after purchase remorse. I truly appreciated all of the help and accommodating that the Staff at this dealership has done for me. I would most certainly go back for another vehicle or even repairs. Thank you!

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Kathleen Pienig


I bought my Honda CR-V in February 2012. I had previously bought from Airdrie Honda and decided to return because of the sales people and service I received. Mike Fry was the salesman this time and he proved a knowledgable Honda representative. I didn't feel any pressure to buy one vehicle over another and Mike answered my questions like a pro. 

Thanks Mike.

I have also used the Service Department at Airdrie Honda. I always had good success in getting service appointments and the work was done with expertise and professionalism that I have come to expect from them.

Thanks to all.

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We went to the Airdire Honda with the intentions of purchasing a used Honda Pilot. The vehicle we were interested in purchasing ended up being purchased by another client. Mike was able to offer us an incredible deal on a new Honda Pilot instead. We walked out of the dealership that evening happier than we would have purchasing a used vehicle. The sales interaction gave us a chance to really get to know true customer service and a business with fantastic staff that takes the time to make customer needs the priority. We had purchased 2 other brand new Hondas previously from a dealer in Calgary and those experiences were nowhere near as positive as Airdrie Honda. We have owned our vehicle for 2 years and the service department in Airdrie is also outstanding. They go over and above to ensure our needs are met and we are comfortable with any service - from shuttle to understanding work that needs to be done. One Saturday morning on our way out of town, we realized we had left some lights on in our Honda overnight causing the battery to die. We couldn't remember how to reset the code for the GPS/audio. One quick call to the service department was all we needed to get on the road with music and GPS. Amazing! I won't ever shop anywhere else for a vehicle.

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Andrea & Arnold


Mike Fry's commitment to customer service is second to none. He was a very knowledgeable and laid back and not at all pushy with his sales pitch. I went to the dealership with one specific car in mind being the Audi A6 Special Edition and he didn't try to talk me into anything else. He simply showed me the car, and then offered a test drive on the spot. Mike was very personable during the test drive and afterwards while helping us with paperwork. Negotiations was painless and actually an enjoyable experience being a win/win deal for both. When it came time to pick up our car, he immediately responded and a appointment was set up. I live an hour away from the dealership and had to change the time of my appointment that morning, but Mike was extremely accommodating. Matter of fact, Airdrie Honda made it a special day displaying the car with a bright red bow and a personal consultation on all the features of the car before leaving. It was truly an eventful day. Great overall experience!

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I purchased a 2013 Honda Odyssey in January. It was a busy time but Mike provided me with timely answers in my pursuit of a new Odyssey. I had plenty of questions regarding options and availability as well as pricing. Mike demonstrated professionalism and friendliness and the result was a pleasant and satisfying experience. I would recommend Mike for a pleasant buying experience.

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Jim Fehr


I walked into the Airdrie Honda dealership on a Thursday night at 7 p.m. and by 10 p.m. that night, I was the proud owner of a new Honda CRV. My sales rep, Shaddy, greeted me when I was inside the building but was not at all pushy or salesy. I knew what I wanted to get so he went over the features with me and then took me on a road test to further demonstrate the excellent handling of the CRV. Although the dealership was closed at 9, both Shaddy and the Finance Manager stayed late to ensure my paperwork was complete as I needed the vehicle asap. When I picked the vehicle up on the Monday, I was given a thorough run through by a technician which covered a lot of things I would never had known without reading the big manual (and who really has time to read those :). I am very impressed with Airdrie Honda and am happy to be part of the Honda Family.

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Would like to thank Mike Fry and everyone at Airdrie Honda for there great service in the sale and purchase of our new Acura RDX.

We cant say enough about there great customer service ,we have been going to them for more than 2 years with our cars for service etc.

Thanks again to every one at Airdrie Honda see you soon

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Lin and Dave Woodward


Mike was great from the first email, he sent us the car history and offered to send pictures (which we declined since we were going to test drive that weekend anyways). When we met, he was knowledgeable and answered all our questions and handled our concerns professionally. So far the sales and post-sale experience has been great, we really feel like Airdrie Honda is a place where they look after their customers.

Can't comment on the service department and quality of work yet since we haven't had an servicing done, but I hope and expect them to have the same high levels of customer care and quality work.

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We have nothing but phenomenal things to say about the service we received at Airdrie Honda! 

Mike was just fantastic to us! He is a friendly, accommodating,helpful, fun and family oriented sales person. His help over the phone brought us from red deer to purchase our new vehicle. He helped us find a vehicle that met all of our needs, within our budget! 

We appreciated the service we received from everyone at your dealership, from test driving, to purchasing, to getting orientated to our new car! 

By far the best auto experience we have ever had- we look forward to saying ,"Hi" when we get our vehicle serviced- and when we buy our next Honda from you! 

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Jenna & Matt


Airdrie Honda is Awesome!!! Love the service and I love my Honda Ridgeline. Patrick Li in sales is great and so is Lyle in service. They always take great care of me and return my truck clean !!

Tara S.


Over the winter months while spending time in sunny Arizona I decided to do some used car shopping on-line as we needed to replace our vehicle which we had sold prior to heading south. 

Having owned  Ford minivans in the past and really enjoying them I focused on looking for a Freestar. My search found many interesting units but the one that stood out was a recent trade in at Airdrie Honda. 

An email requesting more detail was promptly answered by salesman Mike Fry. 

Via further emails requesting some additional photos to be taken I discovered Mike to be very professional and  certainly patient. He was willing to allow me to have a friend test drive the van on my behalf and would store it until we returned to Alberta. Documents were exchanged by courier and the deal was done. 

Mike's excellent customer service and willingness to go the extra mile was a major factor in our decision to purchase this vehicle. 

A big thank you to Mike and the other friendly and accommodating staff at Airdrie Honda!

Al Friesen


Thank you Airdrie Honda - you ALWAYS manage to go above and beyond and exceed my expecations. 

I brought my car in the other day for a window replacement and not only was all the broken glass cleaned up, but your team also nicely vacuumed ALL of my car which was unexpected. Small things like that will always keep me coming back to you!

Thank you to Rehana, Lyle, and EVERYONE that I have dealt with and has helped out with my car!

Maria G.


We absolutely love the new car! Better than our expectations! 

We have always been a Honda family; Personally owning 4 Honda Civics and 1 Honda Fit. However, 

We have never had an experience like we had at Airdrie Honda! 

The team at Airdrie Honda were all truly amazing and it was an experience that we will never forget.  They answered all of our questions and went above and beyond our expectations!

Renee and Brad Scott


A huge thank you to Kevin and his team at Airdrie Honda for fixing my van - they went above and beyond in customer service. Would recommend this location to everyone!

Joanne C.


Excellent customer service, highly recommended!

Ada Tai


Recently I was looking to buy my first car, I travelled around from car dealership to car dealership comparing prices and service. 

Buying your first brand new car should be a exciting and fun moment and I'm the kind of person who doesn't necessarily care about the car itself, anything brand new is going to be amazing over the beater cars i have had all my life. 

Many of the dealerships looked at me as a child when purchasing a car and wouldn't give me the time of day. The other dealerships either where way to pushy or tried to make me buy what they wanted me to buy, not what i asked for. 

When i walked into Honda it felt right. My salesman, Mike Fry (who also sold my mother her current Honda SUV), asked me about my current car situation and why i needed a new car, and he helped me find a car best suited to what i need from a vehicle. 

Mike gave me the space to make choices and decide what brand of car i wanted and also answered every question i had within moments of the email i had sent. Service was amazing. I could not have asked for anything better. 

When i was finally ready to purchase a car Mike did everything in his power to make the process go smoothly. He got me the car i wanted, in the color i had asked for, within a very good time line from the day we started to sign papers. 

Mike was friendly all through out the process he never stopped treating me with respect even after the sale was finalized, and he followed up within a couple of days letting me know that if i had any current questions he would be pleased to answer and that i could always contact him whenever necessary when it came to my car.  

My salesman, Mike Fry, was outstanding. 

All the people at Honda though where helpful and efficient and made buying my first car a wonderful experience. 

I would buy from Honda Airdrie again for my next car.

Ashleigh Sedrovic


I've lived in Airdrie for 18 years and I always attempt to give local business' the first opportunity to earn my business.  My standards for customer service is high and if I don't get the service I'm looking for locally, then I will go elsewhere.  

It was quickly obvious that I made the right choice when I made contact with my salesman at Airdrie Honda, Mike.  Mike was professional, polite, quick to respond to my emails and texts and was "down to earth".  I felt comfortable with him and his calm sense of confidence made me feel that he knew his products well and I developed trust in him right away.  He listened to what I wanted in a vehicle, and believe me I didn't make it easy for him.  Mike made car shopping fun, pleasant and overall stress free.  I tested his patience a few times, I'm sure, but Mike was always making adjustments to my demands of flipping back and forth from one vehicle to another.

In the end I bought an amazing Accord.  I love my new vehicle and it has met all of my expectations.  Since my purchase, Mike has followed up to see how I am and how the car is, and has shown genuine interest in my satisfaction.   

I would highly recommend Mike at Airdrie Honda.  He has gone above and beyond his roll as a salesman and without a doubt has been the best auto sales person I have ever dealt with (and I've bought my share of  vehicles).

Thank you Mike for being a great guy and for doing such a great job. It really is appreciated..

Annette Coates


Friendly people, great customer service.

Wendy McFarlane


We recently purchased a brand new 2012 CRV from Airdrie Honda.  It was a great experience!  We worked with Wayne and Mike Fry who really took the time to explain not only the vehicle to us but also the whole financing aspect.  We never felt any 'sales pressure' to buy and we left with a beautiful vehicle.  We would definitely recommend Mike Fry and Airdrie Honda to anyone looking for a new car for their family!

Jason Baxter and Charlotte Lammerhirt


Excellent customer service, always happy with car services I had done here!

Laura W.


I went to Airdrie Honda on March 14, 2012 to buy a vehicle and I finalized my deal. I am giving them 5/5 stars, because the sales person and the manager before writing the sales agreement went over the numbers with me twice and gave me time to do the math myself. Only when I was satisfied with the numbers the bill of sale was finalized, printed and signed. I recommend them to everyone.

Sohaib Syed


So in case you didn't notice, car shopping sucks, and generally speaking, car salesmen suck. However, this was not the case at Airdrie Honda.

They were the last dealership of the day I decided to check out. They had a Hyundai Elantra randomly on their lot, which is what I was looking for. The price, mileage and condition were right so grumpily I decided to drive down there and check it out.

Mike, my salesman, met me there and as soon as I sat in the car I decided I wanted it. I think I kind of shocked him because I was just like, "yep, looks good" but honestly after weeks of looking at cars and dealing with salesmen, I was ready.

Mike was an absolute delight to deal with - he's professional, funny, and seems pretty honest. Also, if you've done any used car shopping lately, you'll know what all car salesmen will show you the trunk and say "you can fit a body in here!!" Mike didn't say that, which therefore makes him awesome.

Honestly though he explained everything pretty thoroughly and made it easy for me to understand.

Anyways, I bought the car in August (no problems so far - knock on wood!), but Mike has been in touch a couple of times to inquire about how the car is going and to make sure I'm still happy with it. I was really impressed with his service and if anyone I know was looking for a Honda, I'd totally send them his way

Emma G.


"We have nothing but phenomenal things to say about the service we received at Airdrie Honda! Mike was just fantastic to us! He is a friendly, accommodating,helpful, fun and family oriented sales person. His help over the phone brought us from red deer to purchase our new vehicle. He helped us find a vehicle that met all of our needs, within our budget! We appreciated the service we received from everyone at your dealership, from test driving, to purchasing, to getting orientated to our new car! By far the best auto experience we have ever had- we look forward to saying ,"Hi" when we get our vehicle serviced- and when we buy our next Honda from you! 

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Jenna & Matt

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