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Finance approval from Airdrie Honda

At Airdrie Honda, it doesn’t matter what your credit rating is – good, bad, or no credit score. We help all kinds of customers finance or lease a vehicle!

Financing made easy
for your new
or pre-used Honda

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The finance calculator lets you input a range of figures so you can see what car payment you can afford each month. Input the vehicle price, down payment, any trade-in value, an estimated interest rate, and you will get a payment figure.

Get pre-approved online
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Your credit score has an impact on how much you can borrow and interest rate. The better your credit score, the more attractive the loan terms on offer. Check your status with a soft query – no impact on your score.

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Why choose Airdrie Honda financing?

Get results in as little as 60 seconds. We work with the main banks or Go Auto to get secure financing. Our solutions convenient and secure. We get you the finance or lease deal for your circumstances. 

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First-time buyer

We’re here to help first-time buyers get behind the wheel with an affordable car loan. Don’t let other lenders get I the way of owning a car. We’ll get you the best possible credit terms, even if you don’t have a down payment or trade-in.

Bad or no credit

Lots of people with low or bad credit scores think they won’t be able to get a car loan. We’re here to change that. Airdrie Honda has approved customers who’ve declared bankruptcy, or who have low or bad credit ratings. 

Newcomers to Canada

Moving to Canada means lots of new things, including a building a credit history and score. If you’ve recently arrived here and don’t have a credit rating, we can you qualify for financing. We work with Canada’s big lenders and our own financing company, owned by Go Auto. There are options!

High rate on an existing loan

Got an existing car loan with a high interest rate? We may be able to secure a better interest rate and save you money! Contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation and we’ll see what we can do!

What do I need to
get approved?

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Employment & income

If you earn at least $1,800/month from a job, pension, or certain types of government assistance, you can qualify for financing or a lease. Please bring along proof of income.

Down payment

A down payment isn’t always necessary. If you make one, you’ll qualify for better interest rate and your monthly payments will be lower.

Driver’s license

Bring your valid driver’s licence in the province you live in. You’ll need to be the age of majority, as well.

Current address

To complete your loan documents, please bring your current address details, as well as proof of your monthly rent or mortgage payment.

Bank account

Lenders take car loan or lease payments directly from customer bank accounts. So bring along a void cheque or a stamped pre-authorized payment form containing your bank account details.

Contact details

For your finance or lease application we require your full name, date of birth, phone number, and email address as part of your loan application.

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Paying off your Airdrie Honda car loan

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Paying off your loan early

Most banks let you pay off what you owe after some time has passed, and for most banks, that time is six months. Ask your bank or us how if this is possible.

Changes to payments

Almost all lenders let customers make lump-sum payments or increase their regular payments. Contact us or your lender for details.

Extending a loan term

Once your loan is in place, most lenders won’t extend the financial agreement. Check with Airdrie Honda's finance specialists or your lender to find out if an extension is possible.

Car loan insurance

We all know about car insurance, but did you know you can insure your car loan, too? How would you make your regular payments if you lost your job or became ill? Insurance can protect you. Ask Airdrie Honda about this kind of insurance.

Affordable financing

If you have a low income, we have a solution for your auto needs! Earning $1,800 a month or more can mean you can borrow for a car.

Switching a loan to another vehicle

Want to change vehicles but have a car loan? We can help. We’ll help you select your next car, pay off what you owe, and add any outstanding amount to your new agreement.